How to Choose the Best Gaming Monitor Like a Pro

If you’re a hardcore gamer you’re very much aware of the importance of the quality of your hardware, it is a life or death dilemma, specifically for your avatar in the game. If you’ve never owned a gaming monitor, you won’t understand the difference till you come across one, and when you do, you’ll feel the need to purchase it.

The most common problems you’ll notice in a non-gaming monitor, when compared to a gaming monitor are the glitches, the temporary flicker, blurring of images, that can result in a failure of a mission, or even a complete loss in the level, making you start over again due to ‘technical issues’. Why not invest in a gaming monitor to help you conquer such issues, giving you an edge? You can check our experts reviewed Best Gaming Monitor here.


But gaming monitors themselves provide different types of ‘edges’ to a gamer, letting it be customized to individual preferences. So, based on the type of gamer you are, we’ve listed a few properties you need to look out for when purchasing the gaming monitor for yourself.

Picking up the Best Gaming Monitor – A Complete Checklist

1. Pixel Response and Refresh Rate

If you’re one to prefer gaming in war-time as a first-person shooter, especially in games like Halo, you’d prefer a best gaming monitor with a fast pixel response and high refresh rate, to keep up with the game’s own responses. A gray to gray pixel response is the most common and fast pixel response, to be ideally around 2 milliseconds or less, improving the speed of your responses, improving your speed to react to the game.

2. Display Quality

If you’re one to appreciate the quality of the game itself, to be able to enjoy that, the display regarding the resolution and panel size can play a huge role when choosing to purchase a gaming monitor. If you have the room and a regular budget, a 27-inch monitor can provide the best Full High Definition (FHD) of around 1920 by 1080 maximum resolution, with newer versions provide wide, quad high-definition (WQHD) with a maximum resolution of around 2,560 by 1,440 pixels, with sharper display. Going for less, say around 24-inch, won’t provide you with better graphics, but if you have a higher budget, going for a 30 inch will provide you with ultra-high-definition (UHD) of around 3,840-by-2,160 resolution. There are enough options.

3. Other Features

Video inputs for your other gaming equipment should be present: including inputs for XBOX One, PS4 as well as your Speaker System and keypad consoles, etc. HDMI inputs, USB ports, etc. will suffice to blend it all in.

4. Thin Bezel Display

If you’re one to prefer more than one monitor while gaming, purchasing a thin bezel display monitor will help you arrange them better. This display refers to a thinner frame around the screen, which will, in turn, result in less ‘black frame’ separating the two screens, improving your viewing experiences.

5. Price

You can always choose to purchase a cheaper model with some qualities, but don’t expect high quality varied features. For a gaming monitor that can include as many features as possible, with G-sync technology, an adjustable stand, high resolution, etc. you’ll need to spend enough, especially when you want to have the best gaming experience. But, you can narrow down your choices and prices based on your own personal preferences.

To conclude, there are several factors to consider when hoping to purchase a top-notch gaming monitor, like pixel response, refresh rate, Display quality, additional features, a thin bezel display and the price. Hopefully we’ve helped you come to better consensus on making a choice when browsing through several choices.

Do let us know what you thought of article, while including your own thoughts on important aspect of gaming monitors, in the comment section below.

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