Best Sewing Machines For Beginners – DO NOT Buy Before Reading This!

Best Sewing MachineWhen I started sewing, there weren’t many choices in terms of Best sewing machines. Nor did we have an option to choose from multiple stitching patterns either. In the course of time, though, we have seen a huge growth in the versatility and usage. Of course, I had to keep with the change — from traditional machines to electric machines and from electronic ones to computerized and best sewing machines.There are so many types of sewing machines starting from traditional machines to electric machines and from electronic ones to computerized sewing machines. It’s really difficult task to find the right one and the best sewing machine for the first time. We have reviewed hundreds of sewing machines in our labs and curated the list of best sewing machines for you.

Best Sewing Machines 2017 – The Winners!!

SINGER 7258 100-Stitch

Top-End Pick – SINGER 7258 100-Stitch

One of the best machines in the category, SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is reasonably priced as well. It’s ensuring the best-quality experience in sewing, quilting and other types of craft-works. It is good for experienced sewers, I believe.

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Brother CS6000i

Low-Budget Pick – Brother CS6000i

Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine is one of the best products from Brother, and the value-for-money shot on the list. With 60 Stitches and easy-to-use design, this machine would be optimal for newbies and professionals alike.

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Today, one thing I’d say about these machines is this: there is the ultimate level of versatility as well as pure specialization. Still, many of my friends are confused when they step into the world of sewing or when they have to upgrade. So, I thought of creating a list of the best sewing machines in the current market, just along with some brief basic sewing machine reviews.

We have made the quick recommendations too; so, if you are dashing to sew, you are welcome!

Here Is the Best Chart for the Best Sewing Machine Brands!

Here is the comparison table of Best Sewing Machines reviewed by our HomeTronix experts. Hope the below table helps you getting a Best Sewing Machines.

Product Built in Stitche Stitches per Minute Our Rating Buy Now
SINGER 7258 100 850 4.6/5 Check Price
Brother CS6000i 60 850 4.4/5 Check Price
Brother HC1850 130 750 4.7/5 Check Price
SINGER 4423 23 1,100 4.5/5 Check Price
SINGER 9960 600 850 4.4/5 Check Price
SINGER 4411 11 1,100 4.0/5 Check Price

What Do Our Reviews On Sewing Machine Have To Say?

Here are some Best Sewing Machines quick recommendations reviewed by Hometronix Team. Hope this helps you to find the Best Sewing Machines which fits your budget and expectations:

Top Pick — SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER 7258 ReviewIt was the best-performing sewing machines in the huge list of products we tested. I’d recommend SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine for the easier design, greater technology and the plenty of options. It’s a computerized machine, and the whole process is easier when compared to normal ones.

On top of all, the machine comes with 100 different stitches. While two stitch modes are fine for an advanced sewing expert, the choice is appreciable. Be it quilting, heirloom or various fashion sewing, the stitches were just good. There are 7 automatic Buttonhole stitches as well. It’s all good for those who are beginning.

Automatic nature of the machine did not end with the stitching mode. I felt it throughout the testing — no matter what I was sewing. While the Automatic Needle Threader gets the job done in six seconds, Top-Load Bobbin System is a true time-saver. These are lovely features as far as hassle-free sewing is concerned.

When it comes to comfort and versatility, SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is the King. There is the Up/Down function of the needle with full programmability. At the same time, you are free to select the optimal speed using the buttons. These are combined with the sturdy metal frame that makes sense.

Summing it all up, I’d recommend SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine for beginners and experienced sewers. If you had been looking forward to an automatic upgrade, this is the choice. You would also get 25 Years of Limited Warranty and Press Foot Pedal.

Value for Money — Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i ReviewJust because it does have an even affordable pricing does not mean Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine is less powerful or impressive. In fact, if there was no price difference, I’d have made a tie for the best sewing machine. Even as the affordable choice, the machine has a lot to offer.

You can do 70 different stitches using this machine, without any manual effort. Thanks to the LCD Screen, it is pretty easy to make the selection. As you can guess, the 70 stitches come from many categories, suitable for decorative needs, quilting, heirloom, and buttonhole. It probably has everything that you’d need to start.

Judging by own experience, Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine would do the job for beginners, medium-level experts and wannabe advanced sewers. While there are automated features such as the auto needle threader and Bobbin winding, I found plenty options of customized control as well.

For instance, depending on the type of sewing, you can adjust the speed. All the controls — including speed and stitch selection — are done through some well-placed switches. So, if you want to increase the speed of sewer in-between the process, you just have to slide the switch. It’s a great feature I’d love to use.

To these, we should definitely add the oversized design of the sewing table. The extra space is cool when it comes to oversized clothes. Last but not least, Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine comes with a huge collection of accessories for perfect sewing experience. Summing up, it’s surely worth what you pay.

Recommendation #1 — Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother HC1850 ReviewOur first recommendation is offering a lot in terms of automation and build quality. A popular product from Brother, this machine is widely used by professionals and starters alike. So, I’d recommend this machine if you are looking for an automated system and a great sewing experience. And, that means a lot, doesn’t it?

For those who need to try different types of stitches, Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is a perfect choice. It comes with 130 pre-defined stitches, for garment construction, quilting, and decorative purposes. Never will you have to search for the perfect stitch or to make them by your own.

You can spot all the standard automatic functions in the device, but the working area is excellent too. You’d be able to, for instance, use almost any type of fabric — thanks to the bright-lit area. Add to this, its superb LCD Display and customizable controls. Depending on your habits, you can adjust the speed in seconds.

There are some other computerized features as well. For instance, Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine comes with built-in monogramming sewing font and Quick-Set Bobbin. These are gold as far as the usability is concerned.

It’s a fact that you’re spending a bit more for purchasing this machine. However, the way I see things, there is nothing wrong in spending extra for the huge collection of stitches and automated systems. This would be my optimal recommendation if you want to upgrade your machine to a versatile yet huge-work-friendly one.

Recommendation #2 — SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing

SINGER 4423 ReviewThere are times when I love to have better performance and less automation — so do my friends who are into professional sewing. If you are one of them, this sewing machine is a perfect choice. You won’t get many choices in terms of automation, but the overall performance is up to the mark.

SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine can handle up to 1100 Stitches/minute, thanks to the 60% stronger motor. No matter what you are sewing, the speeds would be impressive and it does not impact the accuracy, either.

The extra performance does not really impact the automation aspect, although the system is not computer-based. For instance, you have all the benefits of automatic needle threading and a 1-step buttonhole. It’s just that you have to turn a knob to choose one of the 23 built-in stitches.

If you looked at the priced, you’d think the machine is affordable enough. As if that’s not enough, you would be getting a full-metal frame, adjustable control and 25 years of warranty. Also, despite the extra power, the machine seemed to be much compact than I had expected.

Because you are getting the product from Singer, you don’t have to worry about after-sale deals. There is a SINGER Assistant app you can get from Play Store, for clearing queries. Although not for beginners, SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine would be optimal as the heavy-duty upgrade.

Recommendation #3 — SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch

SINGER 9960 ReviewAre you looking for the perfect combination of automation, performance and working environment? Then, you must check SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, which is the best. You have to pay a bit more, but the features were really impressive for me.

If you look at the machine, it’s a completely modern design with as many controls you’d ever want. In case if you didn’t notice, this sewing machine has 600 pre-defined stitches. It also has a fully-fledged control panel for toggling these modes and controlling speed and pressure.

Obviously, I was expecting all the automation features I had seen in other SINGER products. And, there was more too, such as the automated needle threader, automated stitch length & width, needle up/down button and top-load bobbin system. For those who start up, the machine requires no introduction at all.

When we keep the performance aside, it’s the design that makes SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine unique. There is an extension table that you can use for larger fabrics. Also, you are getting a bunch of additional accessories such as lint brush, foot controller, quilting bar etc.

Considering all the points, SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is perfect for advanced sewing professionals who want to save time. It’s offering a great working environment and all the automated controls go in hand with the system. Altogether, the package and pricing are reasonable.

Recommendation #4 — SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing

SINGER 4411 ReviewThe last product but definitely not the least, SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine is another heavy-duty sewing machine to check out. It needs to be noted that SINGER 4411 is a 1-step automatic system, as opposed to the 1-step automatic system of SINGER 4423.

As a matter of fact, you are getting the same set of performance and speed, but the machine compromises on automation. For instance, even while the speed is kept to 1100 Stitches per minute, only 11 pre-defined stitches are available to choose.

Just as the other variant, SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine is also powered by a full metal frame and the ultimate build quality. As you can guess, the controls are based on knobs and there is no digital display either. These are not going to affect professional sewers, I believe.

Let’s keep the lack of automation aside, and the machine does the job very well. For instance, you can use the SINGER App for assistance. You can also have best results from the 4-Step Automatic buttonhole feature. All these are combined with the well-selected list of accessories from SINGER.

At the end of the day, SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed Sewing Machine is an impressive upgrade for performance — only if you can tolerate the lack of automation. Also, I do love the fact that the machine costs much lesser than others in the list. So, good deal, don’t you think?

So, these are the sewing machine reviews of the best six products we came across. Now, we will have some useful information about these products and how to choose the best for your needs.

What Are the Types of the Best Sewing Machines?

You would be familiar with sewing machines — which are mechanical or electronic machines used for sewing, quilting, and many other purposes. But, there exists a wide variety of machines to explore. They are:

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1. Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical Sewing Machines are also called electric sewing machines because they use electric energy for mechanical actions. These are simple and have been in the industry for a long while. In comparison, they are old and may require extra time for sewing and related needs. Also, you cannot expect a mechanical sewing machine to be versatile or multi-purpose. That having said, when compared to the upcoming category, this type of sewing machines is pretty much affordable.

2. Electronic Sewing Machines

These machines are also using electric energy, but tend to come with additional options. Power efficiency is a point to be noted here along with the easiness of use. Because there is electric circuitry inside electronic sewing machines, you don’t have to worry about the loss of power. Also, these machines have acquired best speeds in the long run. Although they are a bit expensive, using the machines would be an easy task. You’d also save some time, thanks to automatic threading, tension controls, and such features.

3. Computerized Sewing Machines

This type of sewing machines has a small computer inside them, for speed controls and pre-set features. For instance, if you take a look at the computerized sewing machines we have mentioned earlier, they do come with more pre-set stitching options. In certain machines, you can have up to 600 pre-defined stitches. You’ll be able to save a lot of time and more than that, you are not restricted to straight and zig-zag. This particular type of machine is suitable for beginners and experienced ones alike.

Depending on your proficiency and requirement, you have to make the right selection from the three options. If you ask us, we can give a small overview.

Mechanical Sewing Machines require some sort of prior experience because the whole system is mechanical. You should know how these machines work and also the different components alike.
On the other hand, electronic sewing machines are just awesome for people who have already begun their sewing machines.

Or, if you are going to have the computerized set of sewing machines, it’s a combination of performance and user-friendly features. Here are two options for you. If you are an experienced sewer, you can use these machines as a better-functioning upgrade. Or, if you just want to start up with sewing, you can go ahead and choose a beginner-type machine from the list.
So, this is how you can possibly deal with the wider collection of sewing machine types. Now that you have an idea about these, we will move forward to make the selection easier for you — via our Buying Guide for Sewing Machines.

What Kind of Sewing Machine Is Right For You?

Best Sewing Machine Brands

We already told you how to choose the right type of sewing machine you should pick. Apart from these, you should look for some additional factors as well. It needs to be noted that some of these features would be available in computerized or electronic sewing machines in the market.

  • First of all, you should check out the Design and Size of the sewing machine. If you are living in small room or apartment, make sure that you have enough space to keep the machine steady. If you would be getting premium-quality machines, there will be a larger working area or an extension table. Of course, these elements will require a lot of space from the working area. Just as important as the size is the type of fabric you will be sewing. If the machine is not able to deal with the large fabric you’ve with you, everything can go in vain. So, you should consider the requirement in first place.
  • Power and Stitching Rate is important for any type of sewing machine you are purchasing. In fact, if you look at the products we have tested and recommended above, you will be able to find beginner, mediocre and extreme power devices. There are machines that can offer 1100 Stitches per minute — which is a really high amount. Obviously, a starting sewer does not need a heavy-duty stitching rate of 1100. It’s only for those who are really experienced and are looking for an upgrade ahead.
  • You should see the Number of Pre-Defined Stitches before confirming the sewing machine you want. If you ask me personally, I’m fine with the just two types of stitches — zig-zag and straight, but that is not the case for most of you people. While the duo of stitches will give you time for customization and versatile use, the set of predefined stitches will be a time-saver for sure. In that perspective, you should check the most appropriate number of stitches. Above, you can find products that offer up to 100 or 600 stitches.
  • Easiness of Controls is another aspect for consideration. It’s great to have some advanced controls over your sewing machines, but you should be knowledgeable enough to handle them. There is no point in having hundreds of controls if you are going to stitch the same type of clothes all the year. Also, you can see if additional features are really required. For instance, some machines come with complete support for monogramming and other alphabets. That having said, if you don’t really want to experience with quilting or crafting, these may not be really useful.
  • Speed Control really matters if you are someone who has experienced with sewing. At some point, you will have to adjust the speed for the perfect stitching experience. In that case, you should pick a sewing machine that lets you adjust the speed and stitch length. If you are going with computerized machines, there is no worry. Using simple buttons and slides, you will be able to adjust the speeds. In addition, if you really need the highest speed, take a look at the maximum speed of the machine.
  • Durability is a point of selection if you are going to use the machine for a long period of time. That is going to be the case if there are multiple users for the sewing machine at your house. Therefore, while purchasing, go for the heavy-duty models. In some cases, you will have to compromise features of automation or extra controls. Even then, the longevity of the machine is an appreciable feature for sure.
  • Last but not least, you should take a look at the Pricing of the sewing machine. There are machines you can get from $100 and upwards. If you are okay with medium quality, you can get some under $100 bar as well. However, we recommend products that come from trusted brands like SINGER and Brother. As you always know, never let your budget make your needs silent.

Keep the aforementioned aspects in your mind when you want to have the best sewing machine for home or commercial purposes. We had gone through in-detail about each of recommended products. Even more importantly, we had been using the machines for extensive sewing as well.


So, you have seen some of the best sewing machines and some factors for selection. Judging by more than 10 years of experience I have in the world of sewing, the selection cannot be easier without such a guide. I have been using a computerized sewing machine for a while and that has been quite helpful for extra speed and productivity. At the end of the day, accuracy and speed are the two things that I value most. If you think in the same way, I’d recommend going for one of the trusted, effective computerized machines. On the other hand, if you are starting up, the basic machine from SINGER would suffice, I believe. Happy sewing, anyway.

What is a good sewing machine?
  • SINGER 7258 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine
  • Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine
  • SINGER 4423 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed
  • SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized
  • SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Sewing Speed
  • Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine


There are so many types of sewing machines starting from traditional machines to electric machines and from electronic ones to computerized sewing machines. It's really difficult task to find the right one and the best sewing machine for the first time. We have reviewed hundreds of sewing machines in our labs and curated the list of best sewing machines for you.


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