Best Gaming YouTube Channels to Enjoy While Relaxing in Your Gaming Chair

For many of us, gaming is not only a hobby in and of itself, but it also incorporates so much more. Cosplaying, writing fan fiction, and YouTubing our hobby is something that many gamers partake in, and many of us have had quite the surprisingly significant level of success than what anyone would expect. YouTubers, in particular, are very much representative of this trend of gamer’s becoming financially more successful with their lives and hobby than what society would typically think of us.

And it’s precisely because of this reason and these people that we are writing this article today. We’re going to be telling you about some of the best gaming YouTubers out there who are certainly worthy of your time and will make those hours in front of the screen and on your gaming chair all the more enjoyable.


PewDiePieLook…as predictable and ‘unoriginal’ this entry is on the list there’s just no denying that you absolutely should not be missing out on PewDiePie if you are a gamer and have some downtime to enjoy some quality YouTubing.

The guy is the number one most subscribed YouTuber for a reason! He’s good at what he does, and we were to completely ignore this fact and disregard PewDiePie as if he didn’t exist then it would only serve to hurt you in the future as it would be equivalent to denying someone something that can provide great value to them. PewDiePie can certainly give his viewers a lot of value in humor and entertainment.

BCC Trolling

BCC TrollingNext up, we have a channel that is a little more specific and focused in its content then PewDiePie. Whereas PewDiePie is really just more of a ‘personality’ type channel where people watch and like the guy because of him and not necessarily what he does or makes; BCC Trolling is popular because of the type and kind of videos they make. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that BCC is popular because of what is actually in their videos and not because of WHO is making the videos. See the difference?

Anyway, BCC Trolling is what it sounds like. It’s a ‘trolling’ channel. It’s primarily focused on things that fall under the umbrella category of ‘screwing with people’, and in this regard it’s actually quite successful. We are talking about a channel with a little bit less than 2.8 million subscribers after all. So it’s not like just any given channel on the massive world of YouTube.

And to give you a rough idea of just what specific kind of trolling they do it’s more like ‘good-natured’ and ‘light-humored’ styles of trolling. Things like making montages of funny in game moments and what not. They usually don’t like to stick to ‘sadistic’ or overtly ‘destructive’ and/or ‘anti-social’ types of trolling. Basically, you won’t find them trying to get some poor kid to delete System 32 or anything like that. So if you’re one of those people who draws the line at ‘aggressive’ or ‘harmful’ forms of trolling then rest assured that you won’t really find that as part of BCC anymore.

Trollarch Office

Alright, now if you are more into the type of ‘harmful’ trolling that is characterized by such things as:

  • Tricking the parents of child gamers into falsely believing that their child was behaving inappropriately while gaming and thus getting them to prevent their kids from playing again.
  • Tricking said parents into even damaging and/or destroying their own gaming consoles.
  • General harassment.

Then you have found the right place with Trollarch Office.

Trollarch OfficeTrollarch is actually the collection and gathering of several other channels/YouTubers who had all conducted and generated relatively similar content to one another. People like MinnesotaBurns and TrollMunchies are something like the bread-and-butter of Trollarch, if you will.

Now it’s definitely true that Trollarch has largely lost much of its previous influence and popularity. Honestly, it’s basically a dead channel. However, this has not stopped the team from continuing to produce content, and it’s this unyielding and never-surrendering attitude that really showcases the passion that these guys have for their craft. You just have to admit that there’s something inspiring to all of us to see someone else not give up and quit when trouble brews.


VideogamesYes, you read that right. That’s not a typo or ‘creative’ title of sorts. That really is…just what the channel is called…just simply…”Videogames”, and as the title implies, this channel is dedicated to the entire hobby of gaming and video games. They really do, just cover just about everything gaming-related. As long as it’s something that is popular and of interest to them of course.

You can find everything from gaming news, to the aforementioned ‘trolling’ type videos, to ‘Top Tens’,videos dedicated to a single specific game, eSports content, and the whole nine yards. Videogames does an amiable job of being the one-stop shop for all things gaming-related, and you have to admire them for being able to get a little over 3.4 million subscribers while they’re at it.

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Last Thoughts

Now while these channels are quite successful and entertaining in and of themselves we also want to mention that you are certainly not limited to these guys alone. It’s not like you have to maintain loyalty to any specific YouTuber, channel, or game even. And, fortunately, many of these channels support or even host content from other channels and YouTubers.

Videogames is actually the perfect example of this. Much of their content is the result of partnering and networking with other YouTubers. Meanwhile, they also host ‘official’ trailers and videos made from the actual game developers themselves. So if you’re thinking that you’d get bored with a channel like this, well you’d be wrong then, because you won’t be.

Alright, now that you’ve gotten our list of suggestions and an explanation/breakdown for those channels I suggest that you run off into the wild world of YouTube gaming channels and personalities and enjoy it as much as possible!

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