5 Keys to Choosing the BEST Electric Blanket FOR YOU

Heat, specifically speaking about the warm kind, provides certain therapeutic benefits to the human body, along with it being comfortable. Heated bedding, in turn, can also provide you with similar health benefits, gradually healing issues that might be formed due to stiffness or even old age. Muscle soreness can be alleviated, along with any pain that you might be suffering through in your back, all this possible due to better blood flow throughout your body. But if you’ve reached this far, you probably already understand the added advantages, like sinus relief, that such a heated electric blanket could provide.


Let’s get to that main aspect of considering purchasing such a modern technological contraption. There are certain features that can make or break your decision to buy this electric blanket. But much like our other articles, we like personalizing our key reasons to help you choose an electric blanket that is perfect for you in every possible juncture.

Most electric blankets include the following features, but to buy the right one, you need a better configuration:

Things to be considered before Buying :-


Probably the most important feature to look into when you’re practically snuggling into a plethora of wire, safety is the first thing you need to be aware of. You’re not going to face that much of an issue if you follow through with the following tips:

  • Never buy a second hand electric blanket. You have no idea what might be the workings of such a device once it has already been set up once. Buying a brand-new one may seem like much, but at the very least you’re safe.
  • Check for a UL (Underwriter Laboratories) tag on the electric blanket that meets your fancy. They offer the best safety regulations throughout the country. That mark proves the blanket’s complete approval through countless tests, making it a part of the safest blankets in the store. ETL is also another safety regulator you can choose to trust here.
  • Your electric blanket should include an automatic timer that turns itself off when it heats up to a dangerous level.

2. Material Quality and Durability.

Most of these robust electric blankets last 5 years in a similar quality as to when they were bought, subjective only to the way the buyer treats it. The best of these mattresses also need to be able to last after repeated washings and dryings, something you can definitely ask the clerk at the store about. You also need to be sure that you won’t be able to feel the internal wires long enough to sleep it off. Reading reviews of the products can help you understand this much better.

3. Preferable type of an Electric Blanket

You can find two types of electric blankets in the market: a heated electric blanket and a electric mattress pad. Both can be generously understood as a blanket over your body, and a blanket below your body, respectively. What we’ve, perhaps, explained in detail above, is an explanation on how the blanket works. A more detailed view on the inner workings of the mattress pad can be found below:

  • Considering how the efficiently distribute the heat, they’re a better alternative compared to an electric blanket, which simply allows half the heat to escape through the upper side of the blanket.
  • You can find waterproof alternatives, a feature not found among electric blankets.
  • They’re safer seeing how the heat can be evenly distributed, while a blanket might heat up a particular area alone if you bunch it all up while sleeping.

4. Additional Features

To be able to purchase the perfect blanket, customized specifically to your needs, you also need to take into account the additional features that such a product can bear to provide. Considering how you’ve chosen to buy an electric blanket, such features should matter as well. Otherwise the blanket would barely differ from a usual sort.

Some additional aspects that such a machine can feature are:

  • Manual or automatic pre-warming of the bedding, this helps provide you with a warm, comfortable bed to fall into.
  • A numbered dial with backlights to be able to make changes while you’re comfortable in the darkened room.
  • 10-hour auto switch-off, since your participation will be of the unconscious kind. This keeps your blanket from getting too warm and turning harmful enough to cause problems.
  • Machine washable and approved for tumble drying, because you can’t be expected to maintain the device with simple hand-washing.
  • Fitted blanket, compared to the size of your bed. Most of them can come in ever size possible, so do make sure you get one of the right size.

5. Cost.

Most electric blankets, the average ones, can be found for around 40 to 120 USD. The deluxe versions, with extra and improved features, are much more expensive, reaching up to 350 USD.

To conclude, it might seem tough to choose the right one, but in the end, what matters the most is the comfort level of the blanket itself. Therefore, testing it out at a store can definitely help you choose a blanket to buy.

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